Alien Worlds: A large review of the popular blockchain game

Alien Worlds: A large review of the popular blockchain game

The Swiss company Dacoco, founded in Cryptodolin, ZUG Blockchain developers, Michael Yeats and Rob Allen together with the financier Sarodzhini Mcken, developed the Swiss-to-group. All the founders previously played an important role in the launch of EOS and a number of other blockchain projects.

The financing of the project took place in several stages. Shortly before the test launch of the game on December 4, 2020, the developers conducted a Danish auction of virtual land plots in the form of non -replaceable tokens (NFT). As a result, they managed to collect about $ 1 million.

In the sowing round of investment in February 2021, Dacoco received investments from the Korean Foundation HG Ventures. In March of the same year, a private tokensel was held, in which 10 venture funds took part, including Animoca Brend. On these two rounds it was possible to collect more than $ 2 million.

Emission and TLM cryptocurrency functions

Trillium (TLM) Native Token was released simultaneously in the Wax, BNB Chain and Ethereum blockchains. The intra-game cross-bridge of Teleport allows you to translate TLM tokens between these blockchains. To do this, Wax Cloud Wallet and Metamask should be installed and connected and connected.

The maximum supply of TLM is 10 billion tokens, of which a little more than 3 billion is already in circulation. More than 1 billion TLM is sold by strategic investors in the spring of 2021, and 150 million were distributed through Binance Launchpool.

The remainder is intended for daily distribution between the planetary Tao, support of the community and creators of content, marketing and for other purposes.

Alien Worlds: Choosing a planet and a TLM cryptocurrency mining site

The mining process itself is the pressing of “Mine” buttons, and then “Claim Mine”, after which the transaction must be approved (press “Approve: in the pop-up Wax Cloud Wallet window)-and cryptocurrency is credited to the account (0.002-0.0.01 TLM using “standard” shovel). Then follows the period of “reloading” of the tool, which takes from 80 seconds for a free shovel to several hours for the most powerful tools, after which you can repeat the process.

In addition to TLM coins, there is a little probability of getting NFT Points, which can be exchanged for digital items, and then use or sell on the marketplace.

Another component of the gaming process is tasks that are presented as expeditions for remote planets. In fact, this is short-term campaigns for 1-4 weeks for steaking of a certain amount of TLM with awards in the form of TLM and valuable NFT. Steering occurs on the BNB Chain network and requires the connection of Metamask or another suitable browser wallet.

Alien Worlds: Choosing and description of the mission

What are the NFT gaming in Alien Worlds?

The entire gameplay is built on the use of various non -replaceable tokens (NFT) released in the Wax blockchain. There are six types of them in total:

  • tools – allow you to extract TLM with different efficiency on land;
  • Avatars – add individualities to the player, but do not affect the gameplay;
  • Minions-allow us to participate in PVP-transfers that appeared in the metavselnaya with the launch of ThunderDome update;
  • Minions weapons – enhance the characteristics of the characters;
  • Artifacts – also enhance the parameters of the minions;
  • plots of land on planets – allow you to collect rent from miners.

Two most popular marketplaces where you can buy and sell NFT game on the Wax blockchain is Atomichub and Nfthive. Connection to them occurs through Wax Cloud Wallet, and calculations are made in Waxp (native cryptocurrency of the Blockchain WAX).

For all types of NFT (except land) there are six levels of “rarity”. NFT objects also have a characteristic “shine” (shine) with five levels: “stone” (stone), “gold” (Gold), “star dust” (Stardust), “Antimatter” (Antimatter) and “Measurement X” (X-Dimension).

Four NFT objects with the same level of “rarity” and “shine” can be “drained” into one with a “brilliance” of the next level. This requires 100 to 2000 TLM tokens, depending on the rarity and shine of objects.

Why digital real estate in Alien Worlds?

Now the Alien Worlds universe consists of 6 planets, each of which is divided into 150-200 sites presented in the form of NFT.

On December 4, 2020, the primary sale of NFT was held, on which 3,000 lands were sold (out of 3343 existing) at the initial price of 0.7457 ETH (less than $ 350 at that time). Now plots can be purchased only in the secondary market at a price of $ 1800.

There are 20 types of lands (rocky, desert, volcanic, etc.P.). Each type is characterized by several basic parameters:

  • The “reloading multiplier” – can both accelerate and slow down the restoration of the tool;
  • “Mining Power” – increases or reduces the number of TLM mined;
  • “NFT Power” power – increases or reduces the chance of NFT Point loss during extraction;
  • “Commission” – the size of the collection, which is charged from the extraction of Shakhtar, the owner of the site. Can be from the range from 0% to 25%.

The owners of the plots can choose whether they are publicly available for the “miners” or enter the access fee, which must be paid by WAXP coins. Also, the owners of sites on some planets can launch their own programs for miners in the form of a chance to get gaming NFT.

Each planet in the Alien Worlds federation is controlled by the planetary Tao, consisting of TLM holders. Each planet has its own treasury and a council of 5 members who are re -elected by players who put their TLM in the staining.

Alien Worlds: Steering in the planetary Tao

Every day, all planets receive a certain amount of TLM, which can be distributed between steakers and landowners or directed to the programs for the promotion of miners in order to increase the attractiveness of the planet.

How and how much you can earn in Alien Worlds?

Since this NFT game follows the Play2Earn model, most players join Alien Worlds with the aim of earnings.

We list possible sources of income:

  • TLM mining during land mining and missions;
  • Sale on the NFT marketplace obtained during mining and in missions;
  • TLM staying awards in planetary DAO;
  • For owners of land plots on planets – obtaining their share of the planetary treasury and levying tax from miners in TLM tokens.

The maximum profitability of Alien Worlds for miners was at the beginning of 2021, before TLM listing on Binance. Then with the simplest tools it was possible to get cryptocurrency worth a few dollars in just a couple of hours of playing. But as the number of players and the fall in the cost of TLM token increases, the profitability has fallen rapidly.

Special services for calculating profitability show that as of October 2022, with one free shovel in 24 hours of continuous game, you can get no more than 2-4 TLM, which with current quotes is less than $ 0.1. Buying more productive NFT tools helps to repeatedly increase performance and significantly reduce the time spent in the game, but requires initial investments of about $ 20-50.

What are the problems in Alien Worlds?

In 2021, in the wake of the excitement of projects in the field of NFT and Play2Earn, the number of active players in Alien Worlds was calculated hundreds of thousands. However, studies show that a significant part of the game accounts was controlled by bots, that is, programs for automated TLM production. Although Alien Worlds developers attempted to create a reliable system of protection against bots, apparently, they did not succeed.

A study conducted in the summer of 2021 revealed several large botnets, which included thousands of accounts and received a significant share of all TLM, daily distinguished by the planetary Tao.

According to the report, one of the botnets received up to 160 TLM per minute, which was 10% of the total daily issue of token. Another botnet, who managed more than 6,000 accounts, was able to earn and sell TLM and NFT tokens in the amount of more than $ 33 million in a few months of work.

The popularity of bots decreased along with the fall of TLM quotes in the spring of 2022. Alien Worlds are currently sold at a price of $ 200-800, and GITHUB published the source code of the mining bout.

How is it developing Alien Worlds?

Alien Worlds seeks to become a meta -combat station, that is, to provide players with a variety of gameplay, and third -party developers are the opportunity to develop and supplement the game world.

In May 2022, they opened applications for participation in the Galactic Hubs grant program, which is designed to support third-party teams developing projects for the Alien Worlds metavselnaya and creating Web3 infrastructure around it.

In July 2022, Dacoco entered into an agreement on cooperation with a high-performance blockchain platform Zillqa. We are talking about creating a gaming center, which will integrate into the metavselnaya e -sports projects already launched on the Zilliqa network.

The most anticipated update announced in the fall of 2021 should be the launch of ThunderDome. This is a site for battles between players (PVP) according to the principle of Battle Royal (“Royal Battle”). In this mode, players will be able to use the minions, their weapons and artifacts, and they will pay for participation in the battles in TLM tokens.

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