Tesla autopilot was accused of a death accident

Tesla autopilot was accused of a death accident


Los Angeles will begin in Los Angeles in the case of a death accident involving a Tesla car in 2019, as a result of which two people were killed. About this writes Gizmodo.

According to the prosecutor, Kevin George Aziz Riad, while driving Tesla Model S, drove into the red light and crashed into Honda Civic. The driver and passenger of the second car-Hilberto Lopez and Maria Guadalup Nieva-Lopes-died at the scene.

Aziza Riad was accused of unintentional murder, however, his lawyers were responsible for the functions of the Tesla autopilot, who could control the speed of the car.

The manufacturer’s website says that the driver’s assistance system “requires active control from a person and does not make the vehicle unmannedly”.

“Never rely on these components to ensure your safety,” the user guide says.

However, the study of ScienceDirect has shown that people are less likely to monitor the road with the autopilot function turned on.

“I can’t say that the driver is not to blame, but the Tesla system, the autopilot and representatives of the company encourage drivers to be less attentive,” said lawyer Donald Slavik, representing the interests of the Lopez family.

He added that the company knew about the risks, but did not react to them properly.

“Tesla knows that people will use autopilot, including in dangerous situations,” Slavik said.

The Hilberto Lopez family sued the automaker. The trial was scheduled for July 2023.

The legal consequences associated with the function of the autopilot can change Tesla’s perception, said the professor of law at the University of South Carolina Brian Walker Smith. Also, the proceedings will create difficulties in the upcoming trials.

“Tesla’s narrative is potentially shifting from the company’s technological innovators, which simply mired in legal problems. This is a risk, and the narrative is very important in the civil process, because both sides tell the jury, ”said Smith.

Recall that in October the US Department of Justice launched a criminal investigation against Tesla in connection with its statements about the capabilities of the autopilot system.

In June, the National Directorate of Security on the Roads of the United States published an accident report with the participation of robokars and cars with systems of assistance to the driver.

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