Chanpen Zhao and Michael Saylor were called to independently store crypto assets

Chanpen Zhao and Michael Saylor were called to independently store crypto assets

The head of Bitcoin-Birzhi Binance Chanpan Zhao called the independent storage of assets “one of the main human rights”, but warned of “expensive mistakes”.

Self Custody is a Fundamental Human Right.
You are free to do it at ANY TIME.
Just Make Sure You Do Do Right.
Recomment Start with Small Amounts To Learn The Tech/Tools First.
Mistakes Here Can Be Very Costly.
Stay #safu

– Cz 🔶 Binance (@cz_binance) november 13, 2022

“Independent storage [means] – the fundamental law of man. You can do it anytime. Just make sure you are doing it right. I recommend starting with small amounts for studying technology and tools. Mistakes here can be very expensive, ”he wrote.

Zhao also proposed to OpenSea NFT trading read his article two years ago about independent storage of digital assets. She allegedly save money and “get rid of headaches” in the future.

The former head of Microstrategy Michael Sailor in the comment of Cointelegraph noted the need to take responsibility for his funds, emphasizing that this approach increases decentralization.

“In systems without independent storage, castodians accumulate too much power, and they can begin to abuse it,” he explained.

Earlier, Seilor confirmed the Microstrategy course for further purchases of bitcoin, despite FTX bankruptcy and the volatility in the digital assets market.

Recall, Zhao compared the current situation in the crypto industry with the financial crisis of 2008. In his opinion, in the coming weeks, even more companies may collapse.

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