Until 2026, China will release 25 million VR harp

Until 2026, China will release 25 million VR harp

Chinese authorities published a national development industry development plan, which implies 25 million appropriate devices for more than $ 48 billion up to 2026. About this writes The Register.

The strategy was presented in a joint statement by five departments led by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technologies. They called the sphere of virtual reality a key industry for a digital economy as part of the fourteenth five -year plan.

The document reflects the desire of Beijing to become a leader in the VR-technologies market and sets accurate goals. However https://gagarin.news/news/fidelity-will-allow-its-customers-to-have-bitcoin-retirement-accounts/, the plan does not specify whether the indicated 25 million devices refers to annual or aggregate supplies in the period until 2026.

The strategy includes a supplemented and mixed reality in the definition of virtual.

The plan provides for a wide study of technologies that contribute to a more immersion VR. Among them: tracking gestures, gaze and facial expressions, taking body movements, high-precision understanding of the environment, 3D reconstruction, imitation of odors and touch.

The authorities also insist on studying the use of boundary calculations for rendering 5G content and searching for a quick connection of devices with VR harp.

The strategy takes into account the study and creation of neuro interfaces necessary for the “development of sensory interaction in the direction of naturalization, situationalization and intelligence”.

The plan also includes the modernization of smartphones. According to the authorities, gadgets require improvements to be able to use them as virtual reality displays.

According to the document, China needs an open VR platform that allows you to work together and interact several people.

Companies need to create all the solutions indicated in the plan with the sight to use in art, tourism, sports, safety training in difficult conditions.

According to the researchers of the IDC agency, in the first half of 2022, China produced more than 0.5 million virtual and augmented reality sets. Analysts predict that after four years, supplies will exceed 50 million units.

Also, according to the plan, until 2026, the PRC authorities will need to develop 100 key companies and form 10 public information platforms for the VR industry.

According to the report of the Chinese Academy of Information and Communication Technologies, the motivation of the state in this area should be considered in the context of the fact that the governments of the United States and South Korea determined virtual reality as an important industry.

The document also contains references to companies like Meta, Microsoft, Apple, Google and Tencent, which are actively developing VR technologies.

Recall that in January it turned out that South Korea would allocate $ 7.5 billion for the development of K-metavselnaya and national AI.

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