Elliptic: more than $ 4 billion in cryptocurrencies washed through DEX and cross-car

Elliptic: more than $ 4 billion in cryptocurrencies washed through DEX and cross-car

Criminals used decentralized exchanges https://gagarin.news/news/what-does-pegged-crypto-means/ (DEX), cross-bridges and swaps to conceal illegal income in cryptocurrencies worth more than $ 4 billion. This is stated in the report of the analytical company Elliptic.

According to researchers, about $ 1.2 billion cryptocurrencies stolen as a result of hacking exchanges and Defi projects were washed through DEX, which allowed to avoid confiscation of assets.

Another $ 1.2 billion of illegal assets were displayed by means of onchain and offchain. Elliptic emphasized that this channel for the exchange of coins is often advertised on Russian hacker forums and is focused exclusively on a criminal audience.

Analysts also pointed out the growing risk of using cross-bridges from terrorist and sanctions of organizations. With the help of such methods, criminals laid more than $ 1.8 billion.

The main users of these channels are hackers, Darknet markets, illegal virtual assets services, financial pyramids and suppliers of reproaches programs.

“These results indicate a growing“ cross-country problem ”, which allows cybercriminals to evade obsolete solutions of blockchain analysts and complicates the work of investigators,” experts said.

In response to this threat, Elliptic introduced a new blockchain analytics tool Holistic Screening. This is a solution for a comprehensive screening that allows you to track activity on all coins and networks at the same time.

Recall that in an earlier study, Elliptic defined the Renbridge cross-bridge as a vector with which criminals have beenhed illegal cryptoactives worth more than $ 540 million.

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