FTX will help the South Korean bubbling launch a crypto -country

FTX will help the South Korean bubbling launch a crypto -country

The South Korean city of Pusan ​​signed an agreement with the FTX cryptocurrency exchange on the development of the blockchain industry and the creation of infrastructure for trading digital assets.

FTX will provide the city with technological and infrastructure support in the https://gagarin.news/ creation of the Pusan ​​exchange of digital assets.

According to the head of the FTX investment unit, Amy Wu, during the year the exchange will open its Korean branch in the city.

“Thanks to this agreement, we will help to create the Pusan ​​exchange of digital assets and provide a new driver in the local economy by making the city a specialized blockchain hab,” said Park Hyun June Mayor Hyun June.

On August 26, a memorandum of understanding with the city authorities signed Binance cryptocurrency. The agreement provides for similar goals with Pusan ​​and FTX partnership, including the launch of a trading platform for digital assets.

Binance also stated that until the end of 2022 will provide presence in the city.

“Thanks to our position in the industry and technological experience in combination with decisive support for the blockchain industry, we hope to promote the spread of cryptocurrencies in Pusan ​​and beyond,” commented CEO BINANCE CHANPEN ZHAO.

Recall that seven large brokerage companies in South Korea, including Mirae Asset Securities and Samsung Securities, plan to launch cryptocurrency exchanges in 2023, according to local media.

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