FTX will launch a VISA debit card in 40 countries

FTX will launch a VISA debit card in 40 countries

FTX cryptocurrency exchange reported a phased launch of VISA debit card in more than 40 countries of Latin America, Europe and Asia.

It is expected that the inhabitants of the Spanish and Portugal-speaking countries of American continents will receive FTX cards in the first place, after them until the end of this year- Europe, then Asia.

Evolve Bank became a partner in the implementation of the initiative & Trust.

The program started in January 2022 with the United States.

The fall of Bitcoin:

VISA FTX users will be able to safely calculate the card around the world due to their exchange balances in digital currencies 24 hours a day, 365 days a year in 80 million different retail outlets.

Assets will automatically convert to the required amount in the fiat at the time of payment.

The stock exchange said that she would not charge commissions for transactions, but warned of the possibility of third -party fees.

The Block indicated the lack of clarity regarding possible remuneration for operations with the card, as Coinbase implemented.

Visa has previously approved such a payment decision by several cryptocurrencies, including Binance, Bakkt, Blockfi, Cryptospend, Ledger and BitcoinBlack.

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