Hackers hacked the SWAP wallet from Bitkeep. Losses amounted to $ 1 million

Hackers hacked the SWAP wallet from Bitkeep. Losses amounted to $ 1 million

The Bitkeep project team announced the hacking of the SWAP wallet, promising to compensate for the losses to the injured users.

1/5 Bitkeep Swap Was Hacked, and Oour Development Team Has Managed to Contain the Emergency and Stopped the Hacker. The Attack Was Directed to the BNB Chain, Causing A Loss of ABOUT $ 1 Million.

– Bitkeep Wallet (@bitkeepos) October 18, 2022

“The attack was aimed at the BNB network, as a result of which the losses amounted to $ 1 million”.

“In connection with the Bitkeep incident, it takes the following measures: 1. Suspend the SWAP service to make sure that there are no further problems with assets safety problems. 2. Launch the functions of ensuring the safety of the wallet and restoration with one click “.

The developers also promised to contact companies specializing in security in order to “track hackers and do everything possible to return the stolen funds”.

Recall that in early October, the unknown hacked the BSC Token Hub cross-bridge and stole digital assets in the amount of $ 544 million, but managed to withdraw only Crypto.com is on $ 100 million.

The BNB Chain team suspended the network for several hours, and subsequently carried out a hard fork for “urgent correction” of vulnerabilities.

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