Intel introduced the DIPFEIC detector

Intel introduced the DIPFEIC detector

Intel has created a model of artificial intelligence FakeCatcher, which in real time recognizes the diphes on the video.

The World Now Has Its First Real-Time #deepfake Detection Platform.

Learn How @ilkedemir and Her Team Use FakeCatcher Technology to Find the Fakes.

– Intel (@intel) november 14, 2022

According to developers, the system is able to distinguish a real person from fake, including by changing the color of blood vessels. The algorithm reads this information from many points on the face, and then with the help of AI processes the received data.

FakeCatcher accuracy is 96%, and the rate of return of the result is milliseconds, the developers say.

Demonstration of the FakeCatcher algorithm. Data: Intel.

The company suggested several potential scenarios for using the algorithm. Among them – preventing users by users of malicious dipfaces on social networks and media assistance in preventing the broadcast of manipulated content.

The company also drew attention to the growing threat from high -quality neurus.

“Dipfake-video is now everywhere. You have probably already seen them: videos with celebrities who do or say something that really has never been, ”said the senior researcher at Intel Labs Ilka Demir.

Data on the company’s plans to release FakeCatcher no public release.

Recall that in April, technical gigants formed an alliance to counteract dipteums.

In June, large IT companies owning online platforms joined the fight against disinformation in the EU.

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