Research: robots capture jobs, but slowly

Research: robots capture jobs, but slowly

People tend to exaggerate the speed of capture of jobs with robots. This is stated in the study of the University of Brigham Yang (USA).

The team interviewed almost 2,000 people about their perception of people’s replacement by autonomous devices. At first they were offered to estimate the percentage of employees who were replaced by robots. Then the respondents were asked if their company ever used automation instead of people.

14% of the respondents replied that they had already been replaced by robots. They believe that 47% of other people faced such a problem.

The respondents who preserved jobs are confident that the dismissal due to automation affected 29% of the working people.

“In general, our ideas about the seizure of power by robots are greatly exaggerated. For those who have not lost their jobs, they are about two times high, and those who lost are three times, ”said the author of the study Eric Dalin.

According to him, the fear of people before replacing automated work processes dates back to the beginning of the 19th century.

“We expect new technologies to be adopted without taking into account all relevant contextual obstacles like cultural, economic and state mechanisms,” Dalin said.

He added that the presence of automation does not necessarily mean its active implementation.

The results of the study are consistent with previous work of Dalina. It follows that robots do not replace people, but integrate automation technologies to increase the value of human labor.

“Everyday situation is an autonomous cleaner in a supermarket. This robot washes the floor while people are busy cleaning shelves or other hard -to -reach places, ”the scientist said.

As another example, Dalin cited the aviation industry. According to him, aircraft manufacturers use robots for painting wings. The device can apply one layer in 24 minutes, to which a person would take a few hours. However, while the robot draws, people refill it with paint.

Recall that in May the power of Singapore announced the mass replacement of jobs by robots. According to them, this happened due to migration restrictions during the pandemic.

In January, researchers suggested that by 2040 artificial intelligence would deprive 12 million Europeans.

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