What types of projects are not yet on Tezos? We understand!

What types of projects are not yet on Tezos? We understand!

And yet, if users come to TEZOS from other chains, what will they lack in our ecosystem? Let’s understand.

What others have, what is not on TEZOS

Tezos has a base: dex, their stablecoins, real Flash-stizards on Quipuswap have already appeared, there will soon be futures and other derivatives. We also have a well -developed NFT niche and many cool artists (see the last selection). But we studied other chains and realized that some projects have so far in the development stage or prototypes.


Contradictory, but popular projects. The capitalization of the decentraland mana token is almost $ 900 million – and this is with only 67 users per week!

Probably investors believe that it is about, and the Internet will turn into a VR-world, in which, instead of visiting sites in a browser, we will go to the house-sites with our virtual avatars.

So far, only Salsadao is planned from the metavselnaya on Tezos.IO: with the sale of land, the construction of buildings-applications with their uses, commissions and other attributes of the real world.

We will wait for the moment when we can honestly say: “We have the coolest metavsa! More functional, cheaper, and most importantly – more useful “.

Decentralized communication

Cryptocurrency decentralized finances, art and voting, but not social networks. Enthusiasts communicate in centralized sites with censorship.

TEZOS already has the rudiments of social networks: the Tezos Degen Club messenger with sending NFT messages and a decentralized QUILT chat with messages in IPFS.

But a much better idea is Trollbox like those that are on centralized exchanges so that users of one project can more or less anonymously discuss recent events or to sleep in a chat with storage of the history of onchain or in IPFS. And even if you have to pay 0.01 tez for each message, this is better than $ 8 per checkmate.

Advanced NFT

We love generative art and manually painted TEZOS collections, but NFT standards can be expanded.

For example, the RMRK team is experimenting with built -in NFT. It looks like this: the user buys a naked NFT-skeleton, and puts https://gagarin.news/news/solana-exploit-how-to-protect-your-sol-and-usdc/ on NFT objects on it, which are displayed on the main NFT-skeleton.

Tezos has something better: the Salsadao team has developed a way to store an tokenized object of onchain, and at the same time change it over time. The Timekeepers collection uses it to show it on the current time, taking into account the temporary zone of the token owner.

In theory, the new SALSADAO standard can be used for new type NFT. For example, you can sell completely white tokens-surgees on which the image will manifest itself within a month. Or create NFT, which will display a course or any other data about TEZOS in real time.

Automated pharmacy

TEZOS has many Defi projects with farms and accumulative accounts, but there is no common dashboard. That is, you can not see all the farms in one place, filter them through tokens, compare yield and automate profit reinvestment.

Maybe this is the reason for low TVLs? Remember all the necessary farms and manually check them is tiring.

General tracker of tokens

Each Defi project has its own token: Quipu, Smak, You, Plenty (Ply will soon be Ply!), sdao and others. But you know how much they are now and where to see the price? There is no everyone on Coingecco, plus there you can not filter the TEZOS blockchain tokens.

The lack of its own analogue Coingecco leads to two consequences:

  • Beginners of the ecosystem do not know what tokens are at all and whether they deserve trust;
  • Experienced users buy tokens to block them in farms, and not for active trade.

Yes, on Quipuswap there is an analytics page with prices, volumes and liquidity. But it displays only the statistics of Quipuswap itself, and not the ecosystem in general.

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