The new CEO FTX called not to focus on Bankman-Frida’s statements

The new CEO FTX called not to focus on Bankman-Frida’s statements

The CEO FTX and restructuring director John Ray emphasized that Sam Bankman-Fried has no constant role and does not act on behalf of Bitcoin-Birzhi and companies affiliated with it.

(3/3) mr. Bankman-Fried Has No Oonging Role at @Ftx_Official, FTX US, OR ALAMEDA Research Ltd. and does not Speak on Their Behalf.

– FTX (@Ftx_Official) NOVEMBER 16, 2022

The top manager recalled that on November 11, SBF resigned from leading positions in all organizations.

Ray could react to the continuation of Bankman-Frida’s thread, in which he continued to restore the chronology of the events of the FTX collapse and evaluate his actions.

He admitted that the company with an estimate of $ 40 billion, an annual revenue of $ 1 billion and a trade turnover of $ 10-15 billion received the status of the standard of Silicon Valley, and it began to appear on magazines covers. This led to self -confidence and carelessness, added SBF.

The operation in the operations went to Leverida in the amount of $ 5 billion for providing $ 20 billion, which was correlated with other security and platforms. After that, “a historical collapse occurred – more than 50% with customer departure and user confidence”.

“About 25% of customer assets were displayed every day ($ 4 billion). As it turned out, I was mistaken: the credit shoulder was not ~ $ 5 billion, but ~ $ 13 billion. Credit shoulder, bank-yran, a full collapse of the value of assets, and all this at the same time. That’s why you don’t need this leverage “, -outlined Bankman-Fried.

Ex-seo ftx indicated the complexity of the operation of the regulators. According to him, they have to supervise the industry, which grows faster than their circle of authority expands. SBF urged to create such frames that would protect customers, providing freedom.

Bankman Fried said he no longer plans to play the role of a “good guy”. It is important what you do, on the “really”, he explained.

In an interview with VOX, Bankman-Fried expressed regret on the submission of FTX bankruptcy statements. He stated that he should continue to search for financing. This would keep the chances of “restoring financial health of customers after a month”.

According to him, now Priority No. 1 for the rest of their lives is to attract $ 8 billion to return funds to FTX users. Its implementation will require the consent of creditors and courts for bankruptcy cases.

During the conversation, SBF called an unauthorized withdrawal of funds from the platform “hacker attack”, which the former employee of the company or a malicious program could commit.

The other day, ex-ceo ftx revealed information about the value of the assets of FTX and ALAMEDA Research.

On November 15, WSJ reporters reported Bankman-Frida’s plans to attract funding, despite the filing of FTX bankruptcy claims. According to the sources of the publication, the funds will be sent for compensation for damage to users.

Recall that from the documents of the exchange operator it follows that the platform has more than a million creditors.

On November 16, it became known that a group of American investors filed a lawsuit against Bankman-Fried.

Previously interviewed Fortune, lawyers said that the US Ministry of Justice has everything necessary to initiate a criminal case against Bankman-Fried and other leaders of the bankrupt exchange.

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