The Subsocial platform has released the NFT collection of the new RMRK 2 standard.0

The Subsocial platform has released the NFT collection of the new RMRK 2 standard.0

A decentralized platform for creating social networks and Subsocial communities has released the NFT-collection of Spacers of the new RMRK 2 standard.0.

RMRK 2.0 allows you to modify non -replaceable tokens by adding and removing attributes, which are also NFT. Tokens owners can change their characters, change objects in still life or decorate cars.

Spacers is the first collection of the RMRK 2 standard.0 in Moonriver. It includes 10,000 NFT with robotic soldiers that differ in the number of equipment for equipment:

  • Marine – 6 slots;
  • officer – 7 slots;
  • captain – 8 slots;
  • Admiral – 9 slots.

Users can buy NFT boxes Spacer POD. At the end of sales, they will turn into random Spacer with unchanged features and a set of NFT objects for equipment of varying degrees of rarity. The cost of boxes starts at 5 MOVR ($ 52.5 at the time of publication).

Spacers holders will receive privileges when using the Subsocial platform:

  • daily award in Energy tokens (NRG) to pay for actions on the platform;
  • highlighting comments and messages on social networks based on Subsocial;
  • access to premium functions like hiding profile and emoji in status;
  • The ability to register a domain .Spacer;
  • Invitation to the closed SPACER DAO server.

Subsocial uses NFT non -distributed for marketing events, as well as the remuneration of team members and partners.

Subsocial-Kusama Parachain for creating decentralized social networks from ready-made modules with a web interface. Subsocial projects use IPFS for hosting, built -in crypto payments and other advantages of Web3.

Recall, the Metamask team chose NFTBANK as a supplier of information on prices for NFT.

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