Instagram users will be able to create and sell NFT on the Polygon blockchain

Instagram users will be able to create and sell NFT on the Polygon blockchain

META Corporation announced the possibility of creating its own collections of non -replaceable tokens on Instagram. Initially, the option will be available on the Polygon blockchain.

The company will provide users with a comprehensive set of tools for creating, demonstrating and selling NFT.

META tests new functions “with a small group of authors in the USA”. The corporation expects to expand them in other countries in the near future.

“For the first time, the creators [content] on Instagram will be able to produce and sell digital collectible objects directly in the application. Slowly, and then all at once!”, – commented the co -founder of Polygon Mikhailo Bielich.

META has expanded the capabilities of users in terms of NFT demonstration on Instagram, integrating video format. The company also allowed to set tokens released on the SOLANA network and added support for Phantom wallet.

Another new option was the opportunity to directly view the metadata collections from the Opensea marketplace.

Against the background of news from META, the price of Polygon (Matic) token has increased against the market by 9.5% over the past 24 hours (Coingecko). At the time of writing, the coin is traded at levels of about $ 0.96.

The head of the department of commerce, fintech and web3 technologies in META Stefan Kasriel, in addition, announced the integration of the Arweave platform.

The co -founder and CEO of the project Sam Williams explained that we are talking about the possibility of constant storage on the NFT blockchain from Instagram.

“Users can now produce digital collectible items for their posts saved on Arweave,” he added.

The project token reacted much more impressive growth than Matic. Per day, the price of AR jumped by 64.5%.

Recall that in May 2022, META began testing NFT on Instagram for selected users in the USA. Ethereum and Polygon blocks were originally available.

In August, the corporation expanded the pilot project into 100 countries and began the integration of collection tokens on Facebook.

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