POS vs. Pow: mining and great myth about pools

POS vs. Pow: mining and great myth about pools

This note appeared because the chain of small events reminded me of the old forum branch: https: // bitcointalk.Org/Index.PHP?Topic = 109756.0 . Since then-there have been no less myths in the crypto industry, and mining and bitcoin are buried more than once, but 5-10 times a year.

But still. Bullets. Let’s go right away from numbers?


I took from the following sources:

Year 2012

I take this year for the beginning of the period for two reasons:

  1. Objectively – then there were already pools and there is something to compare with;
  2. Plus, there was a halving in that year;
  3. Subjectively – my story began then and at the same time to measure easier: exactly 10 years. Ago.


As you can see, the leaders then were the following pools:

  • BTC Guild – existed only until 2015, I quote: “On June 15, 2015 it was announced that BTC Guild will stop working June 30, 2015 . Its operator-Eleuthria-referred to fears about the low percentage of the hashrate of the network compared to the products on the hot wallet, the bit license and the possible, but difficult work of the pool as a whole ”. That is, he worked for about 3 years;
  • Slush Pool;
  • Eclipce MC;
  • Bitminter: About 1% of bitcoins were mined by this pool, but 01.07.2020 it was stopped: https: // bitminter.COM/Shutdown.html – about which it is said to the offset. Total – work for 9+ years; ;
  • Coinlab; : functioned from 2011 to 2017., That is, about 8 years; : existed from 2011 to 2013.;
  • Triple Mining.

Year 2013


As you can see, a year later the alignment has changed:

  • Ghash.Io;
  • BTC Guild;
  • Eligius;
  • F2Pool;
  • Slushpool;
  • Bitminter;
  • Eclipse MC;
  • Cloudhashing;
  • Asicminer.

At the same time, the share unknown (not named) bullets and others, If you look on the schedule, it was great. Great enough: up to 25%.

Year 2014


This time the pools are as follows:

  • F2Pool;
  • Ghash.Io;
  • Antpool;
  • BTCC;
  • BTC Guild;
  • Bitfury;
  • Slushpool;
  • Eligius.

At the same time, the share of unknown (not named) pools and others is great again: up to 33%. Why is it so important? See and read below.

Year 2015


The list for this year is this:

  • F2Pool;
  • Antpool;
  • Bitfury;
  • BTCC;
  • BW Poll;
  • Slush Pool;
  • 21 Inc.;
  • Eligius;
  • Ghash.Io.

The share of other pools for a year has decreased with > 25% to < 5%.

Year 2016


Liders pools looked like this:

  1. Antpool;
  2. F2Pool;
  3. BW Pool;
  4. BTCC;
  5. Bitfury;
  6. Slush Pool;
  7. Viabtc;
  8. Bixin;
  9. BTC.Com;
  10. GBMiners.

At the same time, the share of other pools is still great: more than 12%.

Year 2017


The pools were distributed as follows:

  1. Antpool;
  2. BTC.Top;
  3. Viabtc;
  4. Slush Pool;
  5. F2Pool;
  6. BitClub;
  7. BTCC;
  8. Bitfury.

The share of other pools reached 25% wherein.

Year 2018


  1. BTC.Com;
  2. Antpool;
  3. Slush Pool;
  4. Viabtc;
  5. F2Pool;
  6. BTC.Top;
  7. Poolin;
  8. Huobi.Pool;
  9. Dpool.

The share of other pools: about 20%.

Year 2019


  1. Poolin;
  2. F2Pool;
  3. BTC.Com;
  4. Antpool;
  5. Viabtc;
  6. 58coin&1THash;
  7. Huobi.Pool;
  8. Slushpool;
  9. Bytepool.

Share of other pools: about 20%.

Year 2020


The pools looked like this:

  1. F2Pool;
  2. Binance Pool;
  3. Poolin;
  4. Antpool;
  5. BTC.Com;
  6. Huobi.Pool;
  7. Viabtc;
  8. 1thash;
  9. Lubian;
  10. Slushpool.

Share of other pools: about 12%.

Year 2021


  1. Foundry USA;
  2. Antpool;
  3. F2Pool;
  4. Binancepool;
  5. Viabtc;
  6. Poolin;
  7. BTC.Com;
  8. Slush Pool;

Other pools were: about 15%.



You may like or not like mining, but he decentralized, although many just through the pools try to prove otherwise. Here are a few simple conclusions that ruin the picture of the world of such critics:

  1. At different times, different pools (and there are) different approaches to the payment of awards (PPS, PPLNS, ETC.), identification and other conditions, for this reason there was never “one pool that rules all”;
  2. The pools functioned at different times and success SLUSH POOL-And just in the absence of a tough KYC and in the automated distribution of awards, that is, among different participants – their share of participation is true;
  3. Do not forget that even the same pool in different years changed its position (share), since the evolution of the equipment took place, and with it – and hashrate, not to mention things such as seasonal water in China and/or movements from the country to the country (until 2013 – the Russian Federation, hereinafter – China, hereinafter – the USA);
  4. If you apply these data on Hodl waves and on the processes of T.n. the surrender of miners, it will become clearer that the centralization of pools is an extremely invented process;
  5. This was especially significant in 2018-2022., когда количество TOR-нод и прочих подобных подключений в сети увеличилось. But in any case, the proportion of other, not top pools always hesed in the region of 12-33%, which in itself serves as a good argument.

At the same time, physically, neither China, nor the United States never had and do not have the full priority in mining: the great outcome from the Middle Kingdom confirmed this, but the same conclusion can be made directly from the analysis of the bullets existing today and earlier.

But why then the myth is so strong? The answer is simple: VC, governments and other major players, including the pools themselves, try to prove to you that they are always on horseback and control all processes in the world. Although this is not so. They only want it to be like that, but they always get bad: either the crisis of the dotcomes, then 2008, then even a prolonged 2018-2022. And while they destroy each other in the red oceans, I recommend that you develop turquoise waters of other reservoirs and

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