Nydig chairman called to choose bitcoin instead of altcoins

Nydig chairman called to choose bitcoin instead of altcoins

The founder of the https://gagarin.news/news/heavyweight-champions-usyk-and-blockasset-released-nf-ts-in-support-of-ukraine/ New York Digital Investment Group (Nydig), Ross Stevens, called for the crypto industry participants to invest exclusively in Bitcoin.

A Message from OUR Founder & Executive Chairman, Ross Stevens, As the Sudden Collapse of Alameda and FTX HAS The Industry Searching For Anterswers.

Link: https: // t.Co/ichca57tyj pic.Twitter.COM/MXFXAMTMJS

– nydig (@nydig) november 10, 2022

“Nothing changed. […] I repeat: do not invest in cryptocurrencies with the exception of bitcoin, ”he wrote.

According to Stevens, Nydig “has always been and will be a bitcoin companion”. He said that at one time he could have concluded cooperation with the bankrupt Three Arrows Capital, Celsius Network, FTX and BLOCKFI.

Stevens also recalled the possibility of investing in “profitable” cryptocurrency projects, which at some point turned out to be extremely profitable, but in general were “doomed to failure”.

“Life is too short to spend her on cooperation with someone except the people that you like, whom you trust and with whom you will fiercely proud to be in the trench under the bullets,” he wrote.

Nydig Chairman called on to remain concentrated, modest and kind. He also drew attention to the resistance of the first cryptocurrency.

“Every 10 minutes a new bitcoin block was produced. Every 10 minutes. Sam Bankman-Fried or Chanpen Zhao or I or you bother bitcoin just like gravity, ”Stevens added.

Recall that at the end of 2021 Nydig attracted $ 1 billion, closing the record for the Round of Financing Industry. He was headed by WestCap.

In October 2022, the platform attracted $ 720 million to purchase bitcoin and appointed Neuit Conrad with the new president. CEO Nydig post was occupied by Tedzas Shah.

In the same month, Coindesk reported mass layouts in the company. According to the sources of the publication, Nydig reduced about 100 people or approximately 30%.

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