The prime minister of Great Britain was a supporter of cryptocurrencies

The prime minister of Great Britain was a supporter of cryptocurrencies

On October 25, the ex-head of the Treasury of His Majesty Rishi Sunak became the new Prime Minister of Great Britain. In his former position, he was remembered by a friendly attitude to cryptocurrencies.

In 2020, the department headed by him began the development of stablecoin regulation and announced research in the field of digital currency central banks (CBDC).

According to Sunak, innovation can make payments cheaper and faster.

In April 2022, he stated that he was seeking to turn the UK into the Global Hub of Crypto -Activa Technologies.

Then Sunak instructed the Royal Mint to release NFT, and the treasury announced plans to legalize “stable coins”.

However, in May, against the background of Terra collapse, the department excluded the use of algorithmic stablecoins as payment mechanisms. The treasury also thought about additional protection measures from the disasters of “stable coins” like UST.

Twitter users reminded that Sunak easily orient himself in popular NFT collections. In the blitz-survey, he preferred Bored Apes, not Crypto Punks. But from two leading cryptocurrencies I chose both Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Sunak left Congressman expects the treasury in July. As the Prime Minister, he changed Liz tracks, which occupied his record short time-45 days.

Sunak himself established two historical achievements with one entry of office: he became the youngest head of government (42 years old) and the richest. Its total with his wife is estimated at £ 780 million, according to Washington Post.

Most of the amount falls on Akhat Murty, due to the share in the multinational corporation of the father of Infosys (capitalization $ 77.77 billion). The prime minister’s wife also conducts a successful his own business.

Recall that in June the idea of ​​Rishi Sunaka to turn the UK and the capital of London into “Cryptocenter” supported the Ministry of Digital Technologies, Culture, Media and Sports.

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