Robinhood released a beta version

Robinhood released a beta version

Online Robinhood launched a beta version.

Polygon’s blockchain, based on the Yield Farming in Polygon blockchain, will allow you to trade more than 20 cryptocurrencies supported by a decentralized exchange 0x without a commission. Additional income will provide direct access to Defi and NFT segments, as well as the ability to connect to Dapps .

At the beta testing stage, Robinhood Wallet is available for 10,000 users who were the first to sign up in May in May’s expectations of early access to the product.

On the eve of the release of Robinhood last week, Closed USDC. Thus, the broker’s team plans to provide the retail traders with an asset who “is easier to trade without fear of volatility”.

Recall that in April Robinhood acquired a startup ZIGLU, which develops its own application for storing and managing cryptocurrencies.

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