SOLANA-project HXro launched futures with provision in USDC

SOLANA-project HXro launched futures with provision in USDC

The developers of the Hxro Defi Protocol on the basis of SOLANA launched a decentralized platform in beta-mode, supporting the trading with unlimited swaps and futures with the provision of USDC stablecoin.

1/ Core Contributors are pleated to announce the Beta Launch of Hxro’s Collateralized Perpetuals and Expiring Futures Live on @solana Mainnnet.🔥

To Access The Network Beta and Start Your Hxro Journey, Just Join The Hxro Community Discord.👇 https: // t.CO/CR6IK7QYCE PIC.Twitter.COM/O2SF0L6L9Z

– Hxro (✖️, ✖️) (@hxronetwork) September 20, 2022

Bitcoin contract trading with weekly, monthly and quarterly expiration is available for a number of firms and individuals from the White List. In the coming weeks, the project plans to launch derivatives based on Ethereum and Solana.

Developers hope to attract various firms in testing complex trade strategies.

According to the founder of HXro Dan Hansberg, a decentralized platform provides a high level of transparency, as well as risk management tools inaccessible in traditional markets.

“Even in some of the most progressive systems of the centralized world, you still have a centralized point of refusal,” he said.

HXRO also creates a protocol designed to become a payment infrastructure for a wide range of applications – from metavseli to decentralized exchanges.

“In fact, everyone will be able to come and create a derivative tool of any type based on Hxro Network Protocol,” Hansberg emphasized.

The turnover of decentralized exchanges is very small in comparison with the turnover of centralized platforms for trade in futures, amounting to 1.32%.

In June 2021, Hxro attracted $ 15 million during the private sale of tokens of the Comonwealth Asset Management Head Fund.

In November of the same year, according to the results of the next tokensil, the platform received $ 34 million from Blockchain Capital, Jump Crypto and Susquehanna International Group.

In December 2021, Hxro closed the round of series A with the participation of LEDGERPRIME.

Recall, in September 2022, the DUST Labs NFT startup based on Solana attracted $ 7 million.

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