The loss of the META division with a focus on the meta -combat combined focus to $ 3.7 billion increased

The loss of the META division with a focus on the meta -combat combined focus to $ 3.7 billion increased

In July-September 2022, the loss of Reality Labs associated with the metavselnaya division in the META structure amounted to $ 3.7 billion ($ 9.4 billion from the beginning of the year).

The revenue of the business unit amounted to $ 285 million compared to $ 558 million for the same period last year.

In 2021, Reality Labs received a loss of $ 10.2 billion with $ 2.3 billion revenue.

The top management “does not expect that the operational losses of the unit will increase significantly next year,” the press release said.

On the eve of the publication of quarterly reporting, CEO Altimeter Capital Management wrote an open letter to the head of META Mark Zuckerberg with a proposal to reduce personnel by at least 20%, the volume of investments by at least $ 5 billion and limit the development of Reality Labs $ 5 billion per year.

During the conference with analysts, Tsuckerberg said that Reality Labs strategy implies not only the development of virtual reality business, but also the initiative in the field of augmented reality and neural interfaces.

“Many may disagree with investments [in the metavselnaya], but […] it will be a very important thing. On our part it would be a mistake not to concentrate on any of these areas. They will be fundamentally important in the future “, He explained.

On October 15, The Wall Street Journal, citing informed sources, reported that the monthly audience of the Horizon Worlds META platform fell below 200 thousand. The company set the initial goal of 500 thousand.

Recall that in July the Federal Trade Commission filed a lawsuit against META with a demand to prevent the company with the startup of Within Unlimited, which is developing a fitness application for the virtual reality of Supernatural.

In October, Meta confirmed that she was considering metavselnaya as a future of humanity.

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