Uniswap has updated the rules for collecting user data

Uniswap has updated the rules for collecting user data

The leading non -codial exchanger Uniswap has updated the privacy policy and spoke about the rules for protecting user data.

“First of all, we do not collect or store personal information, such as the name, surname, mailing address, date of birth, email or IP address,” the platform team emphasized.

However, DEX uses certain network data and information related to customer cryptocurrencies to “make reasonable decisions and improve service”.

The developers clarified that this applies to identifiers of mobile devices, cookies files, local storage information, OS, software and browser version. Information helps, for example, to study user preferences and improve interaction.

Uniswap confirmed that she checks customer wallets using third -party analytical tools to identify illegal activities.

The exchange also warned users that it could share certain data with infrastructure services suppliers like Infura and Cloudflare. Also, the platform will transmit available information at the request of the judicial authorities and, if necessary Crypto.com is now , a third party to comply with compliance.

“Uniswap does not provide your data to third parties for marketing purposes,” the platform team said.

Recall that in August, Uniswap blocked at the level of the front -end level of 253 addresses related to illegal operations and activity on the sucative platform Tornado Cash.

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