In Israel, Dron-Kamikadze was developed with artificial intelligence

In Israel, Dron-Kamikadze was developed with artificial intelligence

The Israeli defense company Elbit Systems introduced a lethal autonomous drone-kamikadze, controlled by artificial intelligence. This is written by New Atlas.

Lanius is equipped with numerous sensors, cameras, as well as the NVIDIA Jetson system. Thanks to this, the device quickly collects and processes data with low energy consumption.

The drone can move to the swarm to three devices that transport a larger drone to the landing site.

The maximum take -off weight of the Lanius is 1.25 kg, including lethal or non -lethal useful loads up to 150 g.

The lithium battery provides the maximum flight time for about seven minutes.

Lanius is designed to enter the area and autonomous scanning of space. He knows how to detect and label objects like doors and windows, enter the buildings and search them.

The drone can also find people and try to classify them as friendly or hostile, military or civilian, armed or unarmed. If the threat is detected, the device will offer the operator the ability to “hit” the goal.

Elbit Systems emphasized that the drone will not be able to make decisions on the elimination of goals on its own. A person is always involved in this process.

Recall that in September, Israel unfolded the AI-Tour in the western bank of the Jordan River.

In October, a similar system was noticed near the al-Aruba refugees camp near Hebron.

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