Switzerland registered Evescale Foundation

Switzerland registered Evescale Is there a price Foundation

In the city of TsUG, in Switzerland, they established the non -profit organization Evescale Foundation. Representatives of Evescale spoke about this for FORKLOG.

The fund is designed to become a “unified entrance point” in the ecosystem of crypto project for investors, developers, media, contractors and state bodies. It will form working groups in certain areas, including development and marketing.

Among the EVERSCALE Foundation functions are assistance to startups that want to create products based on the EVERSCALE blockchain. For this, the fund will also manage the granting program.

In addition, Evescale Foundation will concentrate the intellectual property of the blockchain project, including trademarks, domains, patents and other assets.

The organization’s experts will also deal with compliance and the preparation of legal documentation necessary for listing of crypto assets of the Evescale ecosystem on trading platforms, services with data on trade activity and other resources.

Another EVERSCALE Foundation function is to promote the ecosystem in the cryptocurrency market.

EVERSCALE emphasized that the fund will not affect the decentralized nature of the crypto project: important decisions on the development of the ecosystem and financing of individual initiatives will continue to be made by Ever Native Native Coins by voting in Ever DAO.

The decision to create a fund in legal form was made by the EVERSCALE community in December 2021. 50 million Ever was allocated to his work.

Evescale previously approved the economic reform of the project aimed at softening the consequences of “cryptosim”. Changes will affect the system of payments to key participants and partners, the development of the protocol and the grant program.

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