Brave web browser and cryptocurrency BAT: detailed review

Brave web browser and cryptocurrency BAT: detailed review

The founders of Brave are Brian Bondy and Brendan Eich. Eich began his career at Netscape Communications, where he developed JavaScript, which later became one of the most popular programming languages. In 1998, Eich became a co-founder of Mozilla Foundation, which released a popular web browser. Initially, Eich worked as a technical director, and in 2014 he became the head of the company, but soon after his appointment he left it. Bondy worked at Khan Academy, Mozilla and Evernote.

In 2015, Bondy and Eich established Brave Software, and already in 2016 they released the first version of the browser Brave, the main difference of which was the lack of advertising and flexible privacy settings.

They did not lose this idea: according to the results of 2021, the browser collected an audience of more than 50 million users. According to the official statistics of the platform, in early October, the number of daily Browser users is more than 19.6 million people.

In 2017, Brave Software conducted a lightning -fast ICO, selling Basic Attend token (BAT) cryptocurrency for $ 35 million in just 30 seconds.

Features of Brave browser

Brave Browser is an open source browser built on the basis of Chromium. Outwardly and functionally, it resembles the usual Google Chrome with the difference that by default it does not show users advertising on sites and does not collect personal data. Brave also blocks the tracking of the location, malicious software, does not reproduce the video by default, rejects third -party cookies, does not create a digital user’s digital imprint.

In the first version, the browser offered only advertising blocking on the sites, but later Brave Software announced the launch of their own Brave ADS advertising network operating on the Pay-to-Surf model (PTS).

It is activated if the user selects the corresponding option in the browser settings. Then the application begins to collect data on behavior and show relevant advertising. The intensity of the advertising show can be adjusted. In exchange for this, the user receives a rewards in the cryptocurrency BAT. In addition, verified advertisers are also received by a small part of payments in BAT.

Moreover, the system determines which ads and in what conditions to show. Brave Software emphasizes that, regardless of the place of placement, the key conditions for advertising in their browser is the lack of obsession.

According to the developers, thanks to the blocking of advertising and tracking tracks on the sites, the Brave browser works up to 3 times faster and consumes a third less memory compared to Google Chrome.

Cryptocheast Brave Wallet

The key web3 element in Brave is the built-in Brave Wallet wallet, which does not require additional installation. However, users can choose the usual extensions at their discretion.

Brave browser and cryptocurrency BAT: Review

Brave Wallet connects to other wallets and decentralized applications right in the web page, like other well-known solutions like Metamask. It supports transactions with any digital assets released in EVM-compatible blockchains (Ethereum, Polygon, BNB Chain, Fantom, Optim and others). Also in the application you can exchange fiat for cryptocurrency through the WYRE or RAMP Network service, store and transmit non -substantive tokens (NFT) and watch the schedules of coingeco quotes.

Brave Wallet has built -in DEX functions: you can make assets swaps, for which the wallet uses 0x and Jupiter aggregators. The Brave Commission, depending on the pair, is about 0.8-0.9%.

In May 2022, Brave Wallet added support for blockchain and native cryptocurrency SOLANA (SOL). This allowed users to create accounts, carry out cross-pins, transmit SLP tokens.

In the next version of the browser, it became possible to store and make transfers via Brave Wallet Filecoin cryptocurrencies (fil). In addition, the wallet supports the main network Celo Network (Celo).

Key Brave capabilities

Disconnecting advertising and activation Brave Ads

One of the main advantages of Brave is a native opportunity to turn off ads on sites. If desired, What’s the difference you can activate the special advertising network Brave ADS, which will show targeted ads for the awards in BAT.

Brave browser and cryptocurrency BAT: Review

When registering, the user himself determines the number of ads that the system can show him. After the crossing the link for at least 5 seconds, the advertising network begins to accrue BAT for viewing advertising. Brave ADS allows even microdels, which is rarely available in classical financial tools today.

Donations to content manufacturers

In the Brave browser, you can encourage authors of your favorite channels on Twitch, Twitter, YouTube, Reddit, Vimeo or Github, or leave them “tips” once. The minimum size of one translation 1 BAT. To activate this function, content creators must register in the partner network of the project. It is also possible to pay sites where you spend the most time, which can also be disabled.

Brave browser and cryptocurrency BAT: Review

According to Brave statistics, at the beginning of October 2022, his network of verified content creators includes more than 147,000 sites, about 220,000 Twitter users and about 819,000 channels in YouTube.

Access to blocked web resources and pages

In 2021, Brave Browser integrated the support of the IPFS protocol. It gives access to blocked web pages, accelerates their loading and saves to pay for hosting. For example, in Thailand, some sections of Wikipedia do not work, about 100,000 websites are blocked in Turkey. All these pages can be viewed in Brave Browser if you install the full noise of the protocol or add the use of IPFS addresses: // through the gateway.

Own search engine

To prove the title of private browser, in 2021 the Brave team launched its own search engine Brave Search. It is built on the basis of the finished Tailcat system with open source, which does not collect IP addresses and personal information. The user still has the possibility of choosing a search engine, but by default in the browser Brave his own search engine.

During the year of Brave Search, by the end of June 2022, it introduced more than 2.5 billion requests. The project team announced the successful completion of the beta test of the service and its full integration into the browser. Also in Brave, the function of video calls using through encryption is available.

BAT cryptocurrency functions

BAT – BRAVE Cryptocurrency Basic. This is an ERC-20 type token based on Ethereum. At the time of October 10, the token is traded at $ 0.3, at the peak of growth in November 2021, its cost reached $ 1.7. The cryptoactive was listed in all the main exchanges, including Kraken, Gemini, Binance, Coinbase, Bitfinex, etc.

Brave browser users can receive BAT for free to view advertising. Payments are received on the crypto -coshery Brave Wallet. Brave Wallet verified users also receive Cashback in BAT for swaps through a wallet of 20% of the paid commissions.

Also, the creators of the content in YouTube, Twitter and on other platforms can receive donates from fans in the BAT cryptocurrency. You can withdraw funds no more than once a month with a minimum amount of 15 bat.

Brave browser forces

On June 6, 2020, Fork Brave called Braver was held. The developers of the new project were indignant at the scandal with referral links to some crypto -rhinas and wallets sewn in the source code of the browser. In the alternative version of Brave, hidden links, video calls, widgets were removed.

A little later, the lawyers of the original browser achieved the change of the name Braver. The creators of Fork promised to try again, already on the basis of Chromium, like Brave.

Three days after the loud force, the founder of the private blockchain browser Brendan Eich official apologies and promised to remove referral links in the new version. However, users convicted the Brave command in lies: they found the movement of links down the line of the URL, which, in fact, is an half -hearted solution.

This was not the first fork for blockchain browser. Before Braver, there was a social media platform GAB, where the BAT token was replaced with bitcoin on the Lightning Network network.

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