Alex Kondratyuk

Alex Kondratyuk

Newbow editor. Permanent author forklog. Communication and interesting graphs on Twitter – @Forklog_ALEXK.

Newbow editor. Permanent author forklog. Communication and interesting graphs on Twitter – @Forklog_ALEXK.

How collapse FTX and ALAMEDA Research will affect crypto industry

FORKLOG figured out the causes of the FTX collapse and appreciated the potential consequences for the industry.

Chanpen Zhao called the most important requirements for crypto -rhin

Chanpen Zhao called six important requirements for centralized exchanges.

Introduction to Web3: how the Internet of the new generation is developing

Web3 is based on decentralization and is designed to endow the power of ordinary people, making them full owners of digital content.

Binance Head Chanpen Zhao announced the purchase of FTX

Sam Bankman-Fried and Chanpen Zhao announced strategic partnership. It rares the possible absorption of ftx.

ARCHAX British crypto -tank has attracted $ 28.5 million

The licensed British exchange Archax attracted $ 28.5 million.

Blockfi launched savings accounts for accredited investors

Blockfi cryptoding platform resumed the provision of US residents related to savings accounts.

Web3 Startap XTernity attracted $ 4.5 million in the pre-sowing round

The XTernity startup specializing in the web3 infrastructure for gaming has attracted $ 4.5 million.

The hackers hacked Deribit transferred 1610 ETH to Tornado Cash

Attackers transferred funds received due to Deribit cryptoderivati ​​exchanges to Tornado Cash to the Tornado Cash mixer.

Bitcoin price failed $ 20,000

The quotes of the first cryptocurrency fell below the level of $ 20,000.

The developers corrected the critical error that caused the Lightning Network failure

Lightning Labs released an update to eliminate an error that interfered with the work of GCD Lightning Network.

Report: Steiblcoins began to be more actively used in Defi services

Steiblcoins began to be more actively used as provision in landing protocols.

Singapore authorities tested operations with tokenized fiat currencies

MAS conducted an operation using fiat currencies to study the potential Defi.

Coinfund will launch a fund for $ 250 million for investment in Web3 projects

Coinfund intends to attract $ 250 million in three sowing investments focused on Web3.

Boba Network developers launched L2-solution based on BNB Chain

ENYA blockchain company has announced the launch of Boba Network on the basis of BNB Chain.

When to wait for a bitcoin rally? We analyze the data of indicators and expert opinions

FORKLOG analyzed the most relevant onchain-indicators, collected interesting opinions and found out when to wait for the price of the first cryptocurrency price.

The Telegram team launched the Fragment platform to sell user names

The Telegram messenger team launched the Fragment marketplace for the sale of account identifiers.

Filecoin developers launched a Saturn content delivery network

The creators of the decentralized storage of Filecoin data launched the Saturn content delivery network.

Google presented a cloud service for Web3 developers

Google introduced a service oriented on Web3 developers, designed to simplify the deployment of GCD.

Huobi will stop supporting HUSD and transfer user assets to USDT

Huobi cryptocurrency exchange will stop supporting Husd Stablecoin.

The launch of the Kollider exchange based on Lightning Network was launched

Kollider cryptocurrency company launched a derivatives exchange in the Lightning Network ecosystem.

Blockchain.COM introduced a debit card with a cashback in cryptocurrency

Blockchain company.COM has launched a Visa debit card with a 1% cashback in cryptocurrency.

Bitcoin struck the level of $ 20,000 after a long sidewoman

The price of bitcoin tested the level of $ 20,000 after a protracted period of extremely low volatility.

Compound Defi Protocol has suspended the support of ZRX, BAT, MKR and YFI tokens

The Compound Community voted for suspension of support for relatively low -liquid tokens.

Alexander Heptner left the post of head of Bitmex

CEO of BitMEX cryptoderivat platforms Alexander Heptner left the post.

Near Foundation will stop supporting USN stablecoin

Near Foundation Stableco -Wasn project will stop working due to multiple risks.

The European Commission warned of a possible suspension of mining in the EU

The European Commission said that EU member states should prepare for the suspension of cryptocurrency mining.

A number of indicators pointed to the bottom of the bear phase of bitcoin

Many hectic investors signal the bottom of the Bear phase of the cryptocurrency market.

The project of the founder of the Indian Exchange Wazirx attracted $ 18.2 million

The developers of the Shardeum blockchain startup focused on the cartridge.

ChainSafe attracted $ 18.8 million to the development of multi-mini-solutions

Chainsafe infrastructure company attracted $ 18.8 million during the round of financing of series A.

Hackers hacked the SWAP wallet from Bitkeep. Losses amounted to $ 1 million

The Bitkeep project team announced the hacking of the SWAP wallet, promising to compensate for the losses to the injured users.

XRP developers will launch an EVM-compatible sides

The developers of the Ripple project began testing the EVM-compatible sidechene designed to expand the functionality of the XRP Ledger Contracts Ethereum and make available Defi applications.

From MEV to MEV-BOOST: Whether the “invisible tax” remained in Ethereum after The Merge

FORKLOG figured out the features of MEV-BOOST, the scale of its adoption and influence on the market.

FTX Primitives transforms US was suspected of violating securities laws

The financial regulator and the general prosecutor Texas intend to prevent the purchase of a bankrupt lender of Voyager Digital by the purchase of FTX US.

Polkadot Tapio Protocol attracted $ 4 million sowing investments

Tapio Protocol on the basis of Polkadot attracted $ 4 million in the sowing round, led by PolyChain Capital, Hypersphere and Arrington Capital.

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All published materials belong for forklog. You can reprint our materials only after agreeing with the editors and indicating the active link to FORKLOG.

All published materials belong for forklog. You can reprint our materials only after agreeing with the editors and indicating the active link to FORKLOG.

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