Arthur Hayes called the digital currency of the central banks “pure evil”

Arthur Hayes called the digital currency of the central banks “pure evil”

Former CEO Bitcoin-Birzhi Bitmex Arthur Hayes called CBDC an ideal tool for governments and an encroachment on sovereignty over honest transactions between people.

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– Arthur Hayes (@cryptohayes) november 4, 2022

“For banks, CBDC pose an existential threat to their existence as existing enterprises,” he added.

It is Hayes who considers commercial banks to be allies in the fight against national digital currencies. In his opinion, with the introduction of CBDC, these financial institutions will become unnecessary intermediaries between people and the Central Bank.

“I believe that the majority apathy will allow governments to easily pick up our physical money and replace it with CBDC, which will lead to utopia (or anti -utopia) of financial supervision,” he wrote.

The main difference between modern fiat from digital currencies of the Central Bank Hayes called the possibility of complete control of the latter from the authorities.

Earlier, the ex-head of Microstrategy and Bitcoin-maximalist Michael Sailor criticized CBDC for instability and doubted their success.

Recall that in September, a member of the Board of the National Bank of Switzerland, Thomas Moser said that the digital Iran cuts electricity currencies of the Central Bank will bring stability to the Defi sector.

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