#Bitcoin industry in numbers

#Bitcoin industry in numbers

According to the results of each month, we release reports in which we evaluate the changes in key indicators in the cryptocurrency market. We visualize pricing movements, volumes in the spot and futures markets, indicators of Defi and NFT sectors, the situation in the segments of stablecoins and mining. We also analyze events that have a significant impact on the market. This helps readers understand medium and long-term trends, not being distracted by information noise.

October in numbers: miners on the verge of unprofitability, censorship in Ethereum and the potential bottom of the price of bitcoin

The volume of bidding on centralized exchanges has updated at least 2020, many metrics indicated the bottom of the market cycle, miners were on the verge of loss-making and other events of October.

September in numbers: Ethereum transition to Proof-OF-Stake and local minimum bitcoin

Ethereum was transferred to the Proof-OF-Stake algorithm, Bitcoin updated the local minimum, the capitalization of stabilcoins fell below $ 150 billion and other events of September.

August 2022 in numbers: Bitcoin correction, miner revenue growth and liquidity outflow from Defi

Bitcoin’s domination fell below 40% – to the level of early 2022 and 2018, the Maker community was preoccupied with the threat of DAI provision blocking, the income of Bitcoin and Ethereum miners increased by 12% and 22%, respectively, respectively.

July 2022 in numbers: the market is preparing for The Merge and leaves the zone of extreme fear

The capitalization of the market exceeded $ 1 trillion, interest in derivatives on the basis of Ethereum grew up on the expectations of The Merge, the “Index of Fear and Greed” went beyond the range of “extreme fear”.

June 2022 in numbers: Bitcoin below $ 20,000, discount on Steth and the collapse of famous crypto companies

Bitcoin first dropped below the peak of the previous cycle, the shares of public miners have gone to a steep peak, but onchain-indicators are already signaling the positive.

May 2022 In numbers: Terra collapse, local minimum of bitcoin and outflow of liquidity from Defi

Terra ecosystem collapse provoked a protracted market correction, and the capitalization of the stabilcoin sector decreased to $ 157 billion. We disassemble the main Oachin indicators and dynamics of Defi in the analytical report for May 2022.

April 2022 in numbers: market correction, take -off of algorithmic stablecoins and the second wind of NFT

Leading cryptocurrencies closed a month “in minus”, and the correlation of bitcoin and Ethereum with the stock market strengthened. We tell how the market has changed in April 2022.

March 2022 in numbers: Terra rally, 19 million mined bitcoins and sanctions against Russia

In a monthly analytical report, we talk about the main March trends in the cryptocurrency market.

January 2022 in numbers: NFT boom contrary to the fall of cryptocurrencies, Fantom strengthening and FTX jerk to $ 32 billion

In January, cryptocurrencies and the stock market sank against the background of tightening the rhetoric of the Fed and geopolitical tension. Contrary to this, the volume of bidding NFT tokens on OpensEA approached a record $ 5 billion, and the company itself received an estimate of $ 13.3 billion. We analyze the main Oachin indicators and dynamics of Defi in a monthly analytical report.

2021 in numbers: Bitcoin records, NFT/GameFi boom and L2-solution flourishing for Ethereum

The results of 2021 were summed up, but it’s time to look at the numbers – we present the annual FORKLOG report on key changes in industry segments.

Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies in our lives: the results of the survey from Forklog

This year in the FORKLOG poll Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies in our lives participated 3015 people. We summarize and tell what our readers invest, how many miners are among them and for what purposes they use crypto assets.

November 2021 in numbers: Boba Network debut, correction contrary to Planb model and rally tokens of metav

Bitcoin was adjusted after updating the absolute maximum at the level of $ 69,000, since the activation of London, the Ethereum network burned more than 1 million coins, the metavselnaya segment tokens have continued growth, and game platforms attracted a significant number of users – all this is in the new analytical report from FORKLOG.

October 2021 In numbers: record debut Bitcoin-ETF, rally meme tokens and $ 2.9 billion for Ethereum miners

Bitcoin and Ethereum updated historical maximums, there was a trend for meme tokens and Gamefi, the volume of trading on leading spotte exchanges approached $ 1.5 trillion, and the capitalization of stabilcoins reached $ 125 billion-all this in the new analytical report from FORKLOG.

September 2021 In numbers: ARBITRUM take -off, excitement around Dydx and the second wind of Lightning Network thanks to Salvador

Despite the market correction in September, Ethereum miners recorded record profit. The past month was also remembered by the rise in popularity of Arbitrum and a new turn of development of Lightning Network after the legalization of bitcoin in Salvador. About this and not only – in the new analytical report. Report sponsor – payment system with support for cryptocurrencies and Fiat Qappy.Com.

August 2021 In numbers: reactive take -off NFT and GameFi, Solana above $ 100 and Ethereum hard fork

The NFT and GameFi segments showed a dizzying take -off, Solana broke out a mark of $ 100, and the broadcast survived two hardcore – one planned and one undesirable – all this in the new analytical report from Forkklog.

July 2021 in numbers: Rally game tokens, $ 900 million for FTX and onchain-positivity for the price of bitcoin

The FTX exchange closed the largest round of financing in the history of the industry, and the NFT-plates tokens showed the price rally.

June 2021 In numbers: the hashReit collapsed because of China, Polygon set records, Tether stopped the machine

In June, the Heshrait bitcoin decreased significantly against the background of the migration of miners from China. Volumes on centralized and decentralized exchanges fell by 50%, and Bitcoin closed one of the worst quarters in history. What the data say?

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May 2021 In numbers: Bitcoin collapse, Dogecoin clones attack and Polygon explosive growth

May has become one of the worst months for bitcoin investors-the price has decreased by 35%. Against the background of correction, new participants approached the top – Polygon and Internet Computer from Dfinity.

April 2021 in numbers: Bitcoin dominance index below 50%, Dogecoin in TOP-5, USDT on Tron in the Leaders

Against the background of the Ethereum rally and other altcoins, the bitcoin domination index fell below 50%. Pancakeswap went around the Uniswap at daily turnover, USDT on Tron went around the analogue on the air of capitalization. Coinbase became a public company.

March 2021 in numbers: new coins broke into the top 10, Bitcoin closed the best quarter in eight years

Bitcoin updated the historical maximum at $ 61,800 and closed the best first quarter in eight years, and UNI, Theta and Fil broke through the top ten in capitalization.

February 2021 in numbers: $ 1 trillion of bitcoin capitalization, take-off Binance Smart Chain and NFT emission

Bitcoin capitalization overcame $ 1 trillion, Binance Coin fought for third place against the background of the successes of the Binance Smart Chain of the Defi Ecosystem, and a fever began in the NFT segment.

January 2021 in numbers: new bitcoin and Ethereum maximums, record income and Reddit factor

The capitalization of the cryptocurrency market overcame $ 1 trillion, the DEX revolutions reached $ 55 billion with the dominance of Uniswap, and Bitcoin miners earned more than $ 1 billion – a record since 2017.

2020 in numbers: Bitcoin records, Defi boom and institutional acceptance

The price of bitcoin increased by more than 300% and exceeded traditional income assets, the volume of funds blocked in Defi applications increased by 20 times, the capitalization of stablecoins-five times. After halving, the share of the commissions increased in the structure of the Bitcoin Mainers’ income.

November 2020 in numbers: Historical maximum price of bitcoin, launch Ethereum 2.0

The sport and derivative markets swept increased activity, the revolutions of DEX sagged, the YEARN.Finance began aggressive expansion, and the Ethereum hashrate updated the maximum on the eve of the start of the zero phase ETH 2.0.

Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies in our lives: the results of the survey from Forklog

In 2020, 1815 people from Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, USA, Asian countries and Europe took part in the annual FORKLOG survey “Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies in our lives”. The key 94.6% of the FORKLOG audience is men. Bitcoin and Ethereum remain the most popular cryptocurrencies. In 2020, the investment portfolio brought the income of 72.3% of respondents. The survey participants prefer to trade on the exchange […]

October 2020 in numbers: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Defi, CBDC race

Bitcoin closed the best month since the beginning of 2018, but network commissions also grew up above $ 13. Continued correction of the Defi-segment tokens, DEX revolutions fell. From positive – support for cryptocurrencies on PayPal and launch Filecoin.

September 2020 in numbers: Bitcoin, Uniswap, Steiblcoins

Bitcoin updated the record for the length of stay above $ 10,000. Uniswap has released UNI, which helped to return the liquidity lost in the fight against Sushiswap. The share of the commissions in the structure of Ethereum miners for the first time exceeded the remuneration for blocks.

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All published materials belong for forklog. You can reprint our materials only after agreeing with the editors and indicating the active link to FORKLOG.

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