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How collapse FTX and ALAMEDA Research will affect crypto industry

FORKLOG figured out the causes of the FTX collapse and appreciated the potential consequences for the industry.

Gambling, “authorities” and herds: what psychological traps await traders

Forklog figured out how to not get into one of the psychological traps, recognize destructive behavior and protect himself from rash acts.

Introduction to Web3: how the Internet of the new generation is developing

Web3 is based on decentralization and is designed to endow the power of ordinary people, making them full owners of digital content.

High Speed, Low Cost: Applications for the real world on the Velas blockchain

What will be Dapps of the future? We deal with the developers of Velas-EVM blockchain at a speed of 50,000 TPS and the time of creating a block of 0.4 seconds.

October in numbers: miners on the verge of unprofitability, censorship in Ethereum and the potential bottom of the price of bitcoin

The volume of bidding on centralized exchanges has updated at least 2020, many metrics indicated the bottom of the market cycle, miners were on the verge of loss-making and other events of October.

XRP growth and reduction in bitcoin share in investor portfolios – market analysis from EXMO.Com

Cryptocurrency Exchange Exmo.COM published the results of a study of cryptorrhoids for the third quarter of 2022.

When to wait for a bitcoin rally? We analyze the data of indicators and expert opinions

FORKLOG analyzed the most relevant onchain-indicators, collected interesting opinions and found out when to wait for the price of the first cryptocurrency price.

What are the cryptocurrencies invest: interviews with the head of Kucoin Ventures

Forklog talked with the head of Kucoin Justin Chow.

End or second wind: how neural networks change the world of fine art

FORKLOG found out what artificial intelligence algorithms are used to work with images and whether such systems can replace artists.

From MEV to MEV-BOOST: Whether the “invisible tax” remained in Ethereum after The Merge

FORKLOG figured out the features of MEV-BOOST, the scale of its adoption and influence on the market.

Five -year -old marathon: the role of American technical gigants in the development of artificial intelligence

FORKLOG found out which companies actively introduce artificial intelligence into their products and why they invest tens of billions of dollars in the technology.

September in numbers: Ethereum transition to Proof-OF-Stake and local minimum bitcoin

Ethereum was transferred to the Proof-OF-Stake algorithm, Bitcoin updated the local minimum, the capitalization of stabilcoins fell below $ 150 billion and other events of September.

How not to become a victim of attackers: a checklist in cybersecurity and anonymity from Mixer.Money

Mixer Bitcoin Mixer team.Money tells how to avoid theft of digital assets. Bonus-a memo to preserve the anonymity of your bitcoin transaction.

Why The Merge did not solve the problem of scaling Ethereum

FORKLOG figured out the features and significance of The Merge update, dispelled popular myths and outlined future plans for developers to improve the project.

How to safely store cryptocurrency without SEED-fraza: TanGem Wallet equipment review

We test the TanGem Wallet vehicle in the form of a plastic card and without SEED-fraise, and also talk about its advantages and disadvantages.

Controversial idea: whether the DAI stabilcoin will survive after a cut from the dollar

FORKLOG figured out the features of the contradictory idea of ​​the founder of MakerDao, allocated the main warring forces within the project and weighed potential risks associated with the “slaughter” of one of the largest stablecoins.

Come in a year: an artificially created crisis will lead to a long correction of markets

The crisis created by the authorities of different countries and the dominant of political interests over economic feasibility will lead to recession and, as a result, to reduce quotations in the stock and cryptocurrency markets. How long the fall can last and how strong it will be?

FTT on FTX: Why buy a crypto-tank token Sam Bankman-Frida

In May, the head of FTX Sam Bankman Fried said the exchange would spend billions of dollars on the purchase of shares in other companies and expand the product line.

How to save and increase funds https://gagarin.news/news/what-is-erc-20-and-how-has-it-changed-the-cryptocurrency-market/ in the bear market: Coinex tips

An unstable macroeconomic situation and Terra collapse provoked a deep crisis in the cryptocurrency industry. Together with Coinex, we talk about three ways to make money in the bear market.

August 2022 in numbers: Bitcoin correction, miner revenue growth and liquidity outflow from Defi

Bitcoin’s domination fell below 40% – to the level of early 2022 and 2018, the Maker community was preoccupied with the threat of DAI provision blocking, the income of Bitcoin and Ethereum miners increased by 12% and 22%, respectively, respectively.

Delassing myths: Is Bitcoin so terrible for ecology?

FORKLOG found out the share of bitcoin in the global structure of energy consumption and the prospects for its growth in the long run.

The Merge: Will the market reinforce the Ethereum large -scale update?

As The Merge approaches the community, discussions flare up with renewed vigor about the likely movement of the price of the second in capitalization of cryptocurrency, the viability of the potential fork ETHW and the prospects of Ethereum Classic.

ERC-4626: How the new standard can revive the Defi segment

Defi ecosystems can have a beneficial effect of the new tokens standard-EIP-4626. It is designed to improve Dapps interaction and open new opportunities for profitable farming.

Consolidation Wave: Why FTX and BINANCE invest billions in problem companies

Against the backdrop of the “infection” of the cryptocurrency industry, Sam Bankman-Fried, Chanpen Zhao and Justin San announced plans to send billions of dollars to the aid of problem players. FORKLOG figured out what goals pursue industry magnates.

July 2022 in numbers: the market is preparing for The Merge and leaves the zone of extreme fear

The capitalization of the market exceeded $ 1 trillion, interest in derivatives on the basis of Ethereum grew up on the expectations of The Merge, the “Index of Fear and Greed” went beyond the range of “extreme fear”.

Millions of dollars for safety: like gate.Io protects customer funds

Together with Gate.Io telling what vectors of attacks most often use hackers, how the platform protects customer funds and what the largest crypto -rhizas are afraid of.

World after The Merge: Wait for Ethereum Classic Prices for Growth

Many community members are interested in whether miners switch to Ethereum Classic after activating The Merge.

New generation Internet: How Kucoin introduces Web3

Together with Kucoin, we talk about the next generation of the Internet and its role in the ecosystem of the platform.

Meritocracy of ideas: Can Tao change corporate governance for the better

FORKLOG figured out the advantages and disadvantages of the distributed management model, and also found out whether the Tao of the effective alternative to traditional companies.

June 2022 in numbers: Bitcoin below $ 20,000, discount on Steth and the collapse of famous crypto companies

Bitcoin first dropped below the peak of the previous cycle, the shares of public miners have gone to a steep peak, but onchain-indicators are already signaling the positive.

How the collapse of the price of Bitcoin influenced large miners and what will happen next

FORKLOG magazine appreciated the likelihood of a new saleswave wave by large miners.

Surrender phase: when an increase in bitcoin prices resumes

FORKLOG analyzed the most relevant onchain-metrics and found out what to expect from the price of the first cryptocurrency in a brief and medium term.

“We decided to follow the difficult path and make the right blockchain”: Interview with CEO Velas

CEO Velas Farhad Shagulimov told how the idea arose to create a new blockchain, why the network will not compete with other projects.

How are the problems of Celsius, 3ac and Steth will affect the price of Ethereum and the cryptocurrency market

How the potential bankruptcy of Celsius and the possible collapse of Steth will affect the market? Forklog figured out this.

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