Experts have counted 12,100 “zombies-tokens” since the beginning of the year

Experts have counted 12,100 “zombies-tokens” since the beginning of the year

The decline in the cryptocurrency market led to a hit of 12,100 tokens in the trap “Zombie Training” since the beginning of the year. This is reported by Bloomberg with reference to Nomics Research.

The figure is more than half the indicator for all previous years combined.

Technically, these “zombies” continue to exist, but they do not have trade volumes for at least a month.

According to the co -founder of Nomics, Nick Gauthier, it is difficult to assess the scale and seriousness of the touched crypto projects. Most of them are probably made up of meme tokens, short-term credit assets or small personal projects launched for entertainment, he suggested.

Some of them like Boomspace no longer does not have a working website, although the Twitter account is preserved, which has not been updated for several months.

Regarding the Elonmoon token, allegedly associated with the blockchain game by the study of the moon, the Coinmarketcap tracker fixed the warning:

“We received several messages that some owners cannot sell their coins. Please show caution and proper prudence “.

Even with active crypto projects, tokens trading can be low -liquid, Gauthier noted. Of the 64,400 Nomics tracks, only about 13,800 had a daily bidding at the end of September.

There are many coins that have practically turned into Zombies, since their price is a share of cents, the expert added. One of these examples is Terra Classic with current quotes at $ 0,000338.

Gauthier recalled that many teams kept their own tokens as reserves during last year’s boom. In the current conditions, startups will probably have to use a more cautious approach and rely on widely traded coins like bitcoin, Ethereum, or even for fiat money, he said.

“I think crypto projects should be prepared for falls in the same way as for upsets,” Gauthier emphasized.

According to John Gryffin Texas Professor, the market situation will lead to the expansion of the list of closed projects and the Zombie Tokens.

Aaron Brown, author of Bloomberg Opinion, noticed that in the crypto industry this process is not as noticeable as in traditional industries.

“There is no showcase that could be boarded up, there is no equipment for sale, there are no employees who could declare unemployment. Just people lose interest in token and move on to other things, ”he said

Recall that the founder and CEO Messari Ryan Selkis believes that the bear market will benefit the industry.

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