Laguna Labs launched a dough for Fletcoin with an inflation binding

Laguna Labs launched a Shiba Inu will dough for Fletcoin with an inflation binding

The Laguna Labs team launched a test network for Nuon – a decentralized token with a binding to a change in the cost of the consumer basket.

The cost of the asset will vary in accordance with the “daily reliable onchain-data on inflation”.

For this, an independent oracle will be applied, based on changes in over 18 million positions from 40 providers.

Nuon has a supervision in the form of the most capitalized cryptocurrencies. Arbitration is used to maintain binding.

The project website says that the team conducts a double audit and offers security deposits insurance from the three largest insurance companies in the industry.

The test network will experience the mechanism of token release.

According to the developers, Brian Armstrong, who was the CTO of this exchange, Baladzhi Srinivasan, as well as the co -founder of Ethereum, Vitalik Buterin, inspired the development of this idea.

According to the latest data, the annual pace of inflation in the United States reached 8.2%.

Recall that in September TBD Jack Dorsie and the Circle company arranged for the USDC, partnerships to popularize the use of stablecoin in savings and cross -border calculations with a focus on developing countries.

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