On Times Square was offered to deploy drones and cameras from AI

On Times Square was offered to deploy drones and cameras from AI


The giant giant Caesars Entertainment and Reit -corporation SL Green Realty proposed increasing the number of police officers on Times Square, deploy surveillance drones and install cameras with artificial intellect.

Companies seek to get a license to build a casino in New York. At the beginning of 2022, state legislators approved the city area as one of the locations for placing the facility.

Caesars Entertainment and SL Green Realty are trying to attract owners of local restaurants, retailers and builders to support the project.

In their letter, companies promised to send part of the income from gambling to improve the safety and sanitation of the district. According to them, financing can be used to increase more than half the number of police officers and deploy surveillance drones.

Also, according to the letter, the appearance of about 50 new cameras with artificial intelligence on the Casino Square, “strategically located throughout Times Square”. Each such device can track more than 85,000 people per day.

The new gambling house can have a huge economic influence on the area and the city as a whole. Tourists and residents of New York were in no hurry to return to Times Square after the Pandemia of Coronavirus, partly due to recent panic regarding the growth of crime level.

However, experts believe that strengthening surveillance is a bad decision.

According to the head of the Stop Human Rights, Albert Fox Kan, the addition of AI-cameras and drones will deprive people of the opportunity to even walk along the street unattended.

“The system will begin to waste money, will ripen for abuse and do nothing with real criminals,” he said to Gizmodo.

The representative of SL Green Realty Jack Lynch said that the company is working closely with the community and former police commissar Bill Bratton. According to him, the ex-commissioned officer helped to develop a plan for finding the best solution to turn Times Square “into a safer place for everyone”.

Caesars Entertainment did not respond to a request for comments.

Recall that in September, the City Council of San Francisco voted to provide law enforcement officers with private video surveillance cameras in real time.

In February, human rights activists discovered 25,000 cameras in New York, who followed the townspeople in public space.

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