Cryptomir week: strong accumulation is observed in all groups of BTC owners

Cryptomir week: strong accumulation is observed in all groups of BTC owners

The collapse of the crypto-imperia Bankman-Frida will probably have a long effect on the industry in terms of enhancing regulatory pressure.

While many crypto projects are struggling with FTX collapse, SOLANA suffered more than the majority, and the damage aggravated by the complex connection of the network with a bankrupt exchange.

Traditional financial institutions take another step into the world of digital currency against the background of the case of FTX.

FTX collapse continues to cause shock waves throughout the industry, luring some of the largest crypto creditors, including Blockfi, which, as they say, prepares bankruptcy statements.

To distract us from the history of FTX, Starkware recently launched its StRK token on Ethereum.

This week we met Anoma, a new network of blockchains with Proof-OF-STAKE.

ANOMA calls herself “focused on intentions, preserving confidentiality to the protocol for decentralized search for counterparties, solving problems and multi-chain of atomic calculations”. In fact, Anoma is distinguished by four functions, including orientation on intentions, confidentiality, multi-chan and fractal scaling.

This week we will get acquainted with Vela Exchange, the book of orders DEX, which will soon appear on Arbitrum.

Vela Exchange is one of the last protocols that is part of the growing category of DEX. Its competitors, such as GMX and GNS, who use the book of orders or models of execution of transactions based on synthetic data, gain turnover in space, which is currently dominated by holders based on automated marquers, such as Uniswap.

Blockchain news overview in a week

FTX collapse continues to cause shock waves throughout the industry, and some of the largest creditors are faced with liquidity problems. The new general director of the problem crypto -country, the veteran of the restructuring, which was engaged in bankruptcy of Enron, complained about the “complete failure of corporate control” and “lack of reliable financial information” in this “unprecedented” situation. His comments can only reveal the tip of the iceberg of incomprehensible damage caused by the entire crypto industry as the “infection” gradually spreads from FTX. Investigations on the network go back to Terra explosion in May and indicate that the incident revealed fundamental shortcomings in FTX and ALAMEDA relations.

Stock markets remain largely unharmed due to a sharp decline in cryptocurrencies, while the main indicators are consolidated in narrow ranges of most of this week. Macroeconomic uncertainty prevails now, since representatives of the federal reserve system confirmed the desire to fight inflation, throwing a shadow to the upcoming reduction.

Despite the fact that BTC spot prices have fallen to new minimums since the end of 2020, mass accumulations have occurred on the network, since Kholer rushed to redeem the fall. All groups, starting from shrimp and ending with whales, experienced an increase in the pure balance throughout the entire period of the collapse of FTX. Companies owning less than 10 BTC have reached a record high level, amounting to more than 15.9% of the revolutionary supply. Hodler’s determination remains strong, despite the acute financial difficulties that some of the most insensitive to the prices of traders face.

According to Defi Llama, the total cost of stablecoins blocked in various smart contracts fell 76%, exceeding 23%subsidence from the peak of general market capitalization.

While stablecoins come from smart contracts against the background of FTX collapse, their growth is noted in all foreign exchange reserves to a new record level of $ 41.19 billion. USDT and USDC currency reserves have significantly reduced, which indicates a brewing potential change in market preferences.

Meanwhile, last week, difficulties with BTC mining were slightly adjusted, which did not help much to facilitate the problems of miners due to intensive competition and reducing income. The balance of miners’ wallets has decreased significantly over the past few days, which confirms the capitulation of their impending their.

Macroeconomic events that should be paid attention to

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