#cloud mining

#cloud mining

In Tallinn, the founders of the Hashflare cloud mining service and the Polybius Bank digital bank were detained. They are accused of fraud and laundering $ 575 million.

More than 120 fake mining applications found Google Play

Trend Micro experts found over 120 fake cryptocurrencies in the Google Play Store store for Google Play Store. Some of them downloaded more than 100,000 times.

Backblaze announced the Chia cloud mining service. Experts doubted her benefits

The BackBlaze service invited the Chia miners to place the files of the plots on the cloud platform B2 at a price of $ 5 per 1 TB per month.

Amazon offered Cloud mining services Chia cryptocurrency

The technological giant Amazon has presented a solution for mining Chia cryptocurrency on its AWS cloud computing platform.

The Police of St. Petersburg opened a criminal case against Cryptouniverse

In relation to the heads and employees of Cryptouniverse, providing cloud mining services, a criminal case has been opened on suspicion of fraud on an especially large scale. The decision on this was dated September 14, reports the Telegram channel “Trainer Trainer”.

Cloud mining salons in Tatarstan did not A unique avatar: survive the pandemic

Walcoin’s “Cryptocurrency Exchange”, which for almost two years waged gambling in Naberezhnye Chelny under the guise of cloud mining salons, was closed due to the lack of customers. This is reported by local media.

Bitluck cloud mining service purchased new ASICs on the eve of Halving

Bitluck cloud mining service in the Whatsminer brand has updated equipment in Data Centers to maintain profitability after BTC halving. In addition, the company launched a new line of tariffs. About this FORKLOG journal was reported by representatives of Bitluck.

Tokeninsight analysts called the unexpected place of Russia in the mining industry

The computing capacities of the Bitcoin network are concentrated mainly in China, the USA, Canada, Northern Europe, Russia and Georgia, while Russia was in the leadership leaders in cloud mining. This is stated in the Tokeninsight study dedicated to the main trends of the mining industry in 2019.

Bitdeer cloud mining service has launched a tariff plans for new miners

Bitdeer cloud mining service announced the launch of new miners and tariff plans. The company noted that the new offer is associated with the growth of the client base by 1350% since the official launch of December 13.

Hashflare cloud mining service stopped servicing contracts “Due to unprofitability”

Hashflare announced a popular cloud mining service on Friday, July 20, on stopping contracting contracts due to their loss.

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All published materials belong for forklog. You can reprint our materials only after agreeing with the editors and indicating the active link to FORKLOG.

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