APTOS review: The next generation of blockchain platforms?

APTOS review: The next generation of blockchain platforms?

Behind the project are former employees of the META Corporation, who since 2018 worked on the creation of the Libra project, later renamed Diem in 2020 in 2020. Meta planned to introduce blockchain and cryptocurrency Diem on Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp. However, the project fell apart under the pressure of the regulators. In February 2022, it was sold by Silvergate Capital Corporation, presumably for $ 200 million.

Soon afterwards, the former head of the department for working with partners at META MO SHEIH and the head of the blockchain development of Ioweni Ching founded Aptos Labs. The Aptos team also included many other specialists who worked on Diem.

In 2022, the Aptos Blockchain project attracted $ 350 million investments in two rounds of financing. The size of the sowing round, held in March 2022, amounted to $ 200 million. It was headed by the venture fund Andreessen Horowitz with the participation of Multicoin Capital, Coinbase Ventures, Tiger Global, FTX Ventures, Paxos and other investors. The round of financing of the A series A for $ 150 million in July 2022 was headed by FTX Ventures and Jump Crypto. In September 2022, Binance Labs invested in Aptos. The amount of investments remained unknown.

Aptos is now undergoing several stages of testing, and the dates for the launch of the mainnet are not called. However, the Token Insight portal with reference to the Discord project reported that this should happen before December 22, 2022 (later the message was deleted).

How testing goes

Public testing of the APTOS network began in May 2022. According to the road map, it is divided into several stages that have certain goals:

  • Aptos Incentivized Testnet 1 (AIT1). Registration of the first participants, launch of a limited NOD network, documentation for the validator. Completed in June.
  • AIT2. Checking the mechanism of stakeing and economic incentives for validators through “decentralized cranes”. Completed in August.
  • Ait3. Introduction of the system of canine voting and mechanisms for supporting new validators. Successfully completed in mid -September.
  • AIT4. Stress test of validators before launching a mainnet. Started since mid -September 2022.

At each stages, the participants were offered awards in APTOS test tokens for completing certain tasks. After launch, they will be exchanged for a cryptocurrency project released on the main network. For everyone who wants to participate in APTOS testing, detailed technical documentation is available.

Features https://gagarin.news/news/does-mining-negatively-impact-the-environment/ of the blockchain Aptos

Aptos is designed as a flexible, easy -up platform for the constantly changing landscape of the Web3 market. According to the developers in the Whitepaper project, Aptos presents a unique combination of consensus, a new design of smart contracts, safety, performance and decentralization.

Blockchain and cryptocurrency Aptos: what is it and how it works

Aptos architecture involves participating at various levels and with separate roles to achieve integrity:

  • Blockchain is formed Validators, Confirming user transactions and forming blocks using a consensus achievement procedure.
  • Coin owners block or place their funds at the addresses of the selected validators.
  • Clients – This is any part of the system that will send transactions, request the history of the blockchain or other data.
  • Light clients support a limited set of current validators and can safely request a partial condition of the blockchain from full nodes.
  • Full nodes – These are customers who replicate the state of transaction and blockchain from validators or other full nodes on the network.

Aptos cryptocurrency

Aptos will have the native cryptocurrency of the same name. At the time of preparation of the material, the APTOS blockchain has not yet been launched, and there is no open access to the project tokensomics in the public domain. However, the APTOS documentation indicates several key areas where the coin will be used:

  • Payment for transactions. As in other blockchains, cryptocurrency is needed to pay for transactions commissions.
  • Vote. Aptos will be used in the process of voting for updates and other issues related to the management of the protocol.
  • Stayking. Aptos cryptocurrency can be used to receive additional income through stakeing.

How the APTOS ecosystem is developing

One of the first initiatives at the start of the APTOS blockchain testing was close cooperation with the Google Cloud service in April 2022, which helped to configure the possibility of launching the network nodes within 15 minutes in the cloud.

As of the end of June 2022, the APTOS ecosystem developed more than 100 projects in the field of such popular areas as Defi, NFT and blockchain games. The Aptos team also noted the communities of developers engaged in the development of the ecosystem: Pontem Network, Nutrios, Paymagic, Martiano, Solrise.

As a bridge for Defi applications and improved user experience in interaction with the Web3 market, the Layerzero team announced the integration of the cross-protocol with the APTOS platform.

The plans for the creation of infrastructure solutions for the blockchain Aptos announced the startup of Scale3 Labs founded by former specialists of Coinbase. The project is going to provide solutions for the uninterrupted operation of NOD operators.

Now on the basis of the available documentation in APTOS, several applications are already developing:

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