PANCAKESWAP suggested adding APTOS network support

PANCAKESWAP suggested adding APTOS network support

The leading decentralized exchange Pancakeswap (PCS) based on BNB Chain invited the community to maintain the integration of the APTOS protocol.

The vote will open on October 21 and end after 48 hours.

As arguments, the platform team listed the advantages of Aptos:

  • This is a new generation of L1 networks with low transaction costs;
  • Developers have deep experience in the Web3 field as ex-workers NOVI;
  • dense relationship with the Aptos team.

The developers also announced their intention to turn Pancakeswap into a multi-protocol.

It is assumed that in the case of a positive solution to the community for APTOS users, all the main PCS functions, including exchange, pharmaculation and participation in liquidity pools, will be available.

Immediately after the launch of the main APTOS network, the listing of the native token of the APT platform announced a number of leading exchanges, including Binance, FTX and COINBASE.

The venture units of the above platforms invested in the Aptos Labs startup standing for the development of the blockchain. In March 2022, the company attracted $ 200 million, in July it closed the round of financing of the series A for $ 150 million.

Binance Labs separately supported the project as a strategic partner.

The launch of the APTOS maintenance caused a number of questions among experts, including opaque tokensomics. In response, the project team revealed the details of the distribution of coins and announced the Airrod for early users.

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