The Sushi community has chosen a new “chef”

The Sushi community has chosen a new “chef”

Jared Gray won the vote to the post of executive director of Sushi or “chef”, as they call this position in the project.

Participants in the decentralized autonomous organization SUSHI DAO cast 11 million votes for it – more than 83.5%. The second of the five seats, Andy Forman from the Consulting company EY received support for 12.51%.

The vote started on September 26 and ended on October 3.

Gray has experience in business development and IT consulting. As a CEO, he headed the cryptocurrency exchange of Bitfineon and the Defi-project Eons Finance.

“For me, it is a great honor to accept the role of the chief chef in Sushi. The trust that I was given to help form the next stage [development] of the protocol gives me a pause for thought about what Sushi acts as a project for the entire community, ”Gray said.

In September 2020, an anonymous founder and the first chapter of Sushi under the nickname Nomi resigned. This happened against the backdrop of accusations of unauthorized tokens to withdraw about $ 14 million from the project developers of the project.

Nomi returned the assets a few days later and transferred control to the team led by CEO FTX Sam Bankman-Fried.

The successor of Nomi as the “chef” was Maki, who left him in September 2021.

In December, the project also lost the technical director. Joseph Delaung left against the backdrop of disagreements within the team, not having achieved the support of developers.

Recall that in May the SUSHI community proposed to discuss the creation of a legal structure for the project.

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